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7 Questions When Deciding On a Global Payroll Management Provider

As the single payroll provider for organizations of any size in the Asia Pacific region, Atom Payroll utilizes its central payroll as platform, offering faster implementation and quality payroll at an affordable price.

Here are the top 7 reasons why Atom Payroll is the preferred one-stop payroll partner to help boost your business efficiency.


Atom payroll is the true worldwide payroll partner, empowering companies to centrally manage payrolls for Asia Pacific countries with a single point of contact for all queries, Service Level Agreements (SLA), Escalations and Change Management (CM), eliminating the need of multiple third-party payroll providers in each country.

Atom Payroll's key offering, Atomic Pay, is an easy-to-use worldwide payroll management platform which enables users to have access to standard screens, data uploads and global reports anytime,anywhere.


Atomic Pay integrates the most advanced technologies to ensure a lean organization by minimizing the overheads needed to handle multiple third-party payroll providers in each country, allowing for more efficient implementation of payrolls and customization.

Atom Payroll also offers an option for payroll features to be accessible on-the- go via mobile tablets or mobile phones to give users an awesome experience in terms of data entry, data maintenance and navigation.


Atom Payroll takes care of government tax compliance requirements, including state and federal tax payments, monthly and annual filings -- automatically -- with no actions required from clients.


Atom Payroll's Service Delivery Team has many years of operational payroll expertise in Asia Pacific and are proficient in undertaking any organization’s payroll professionally and efficiently.

Atom Payroll handles compliance requirements, timely delivery of payrolls and statutory filing with government agencies.


Atom Payroll invests in state-of- the-art systems for ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of client payroll data. Atom Payroll guarantees data received and delivered accurately and consistently every time with a well defined payroll approval workflow.


Atomic Pay is capable of interfacing with third-party HR and Time and Attendance Systems for inbound HR and time data. It can build automatic interfaces with banks to ensure timely payment of employees and accounting systems for general ledger entries.

Also, submissions to Government Agencies will be done electronically for countries which support electronic filing.


Employees can access their pay slips using an Employee Self Service portal which is also available on mobile devices. The Employee Self Service portal provides convenience to employees and managers to enter, approve and keep track of leave data, promoting transparency and self-sufficiency.

As the preferred single payroll service partner, Atom Payroll believes in engaging with its clients to simplify your payroll demands through a centralized, multi-country payroll management system in the Asia Pacific region that is compliant, accurate and timely.


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